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Application Security

Application Security

  • Application security is the process of making apps more secure by finding, fixing, and enhancing the security of apps.
  • Much of this happens during the development phase, but it includes tools and methods to protect apps once they are deployed.
  • This is becoming more important as hackers increasingly target applications with their attacks.
  • Our professionals will provide detailed reports on how why where a particular leak in app can affect the business of your organization.

Why application security is important ?...

  • According to Vera code’s State of software Security Vol. 10 report, 83% of the 85,000 applications it tested had at least one security flaw.
  • Many had much more, as their research found a total of 10 million flaws, and 20% of all apps had at least one high severity flaw. Not all of those flaws presents a significant security risk, but the sheer number is troubling.
  • The faster and sooner in the software development process you can find and fix security issues, the safer your enterprise will be. Because everyone makes mistakes, the challenge is to find those mistakes in a timely fashionable.

Types of Testing Followed in Application Security by CyberSmithSECURE

  • Static testing:-
  1. Which analyses code at fixed points during its development.
  2. This is useful for developers to check their code as they are writing it to ensure that security issues are being introduced during development.
  • Dynamic testing:- Which analyses running code. This is more useful, as it can simulate attacks on production systems and reveal more complex attack patterns that use a combination of systems.
  • Interactive testing:- Which combines elements of both static and dynamic testing.

Mobile testing is designed specifically for the mobile environments and can examine how an attacker can leverage the mobile OS and the apps running on them in its entirety.