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Insider Threat Prevention Drills

Insider Threat Prevention Drills

   An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from a person or people within the company. Trusted insiders commit intentional or unintentional disruptive or harmful acts across all infrastructure sectors and in virtually every organizational setting. Individuals entrusted with access to or knowledge of an organization represent potential risks and include current or former employees or any other person who has been granted access, understanding, or privilege.

  CyberSmithSECURE has categorically designed this service to assist individuals, organizations and communities in improving or establishing an insider threat mitigation program. To combat insider threats, organizations should consider a proactive and prevention-focused insider threat mitigation program. This approach can help an organization define specific insider threats unique to their environment, detect and identify those threats, assess their risk, and manage that risk before concerning behaviors manifest in an actual insider incident.

Some examples of consequences and dangers that insider attacks can have:

  • Insider attacks and threats can go undetected
  • Confidential information can be breached or shared
  • Determining harmful actions can take time

Tactical knowledge that CyberSmithSECURE Teaches in Insider Threat Protection:

  • Use Terms, Situations, and Analogies that Apply to Employees to Help Educate
  • Establish a Communication Plan
  • Create Exercises and Simulations
  • Explain the Benefits of Cybersecurity and Highlight Progress to Employees
  • Secure Office Desktops
  • Deploy Processes for Monitoring Internal Personal
  • Get C-Level Commitment and Buy In
  • Understand What Work Leaves the Office
  • Don’t Rule out Physical Security