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Vulnerability Management & Patch Management

Vulnerability Management

CyberSmithSECURE’s Vulnerability management services is a continuous cybersecurity process that includes identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting software and network vulnerabilities. Properly monitoring and responding to pressing, complex issues are essential components of vulnerability management and information security as a whole.

CyberSmithSECURE Ensures that vulnerabilities are addressed quickly and efficiently is crucial. The numerous vulnerabilities that are discovered every day can interfere with the proactive process of keeping enterprise systems patched and updated.

Our process in vulnerability management

  • Discovery:-  Determines all of the assets that are connected to the network and if they have any vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritization:- This process evaluates the vulnerabilities and their associated assets, and ranks them on severity level. Usually, the ranking is from one through five, with five being the most critical.
  • Remediation/mitigation:- This process that provides a list of recommendations to address the vulnerabilities and vendor patches for the assets.