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Wireless Security Assessments

Wireless Security Assessments

CyberSmithSECURE wireless assessment  is based on a decade of deploying and managing a regional wireless networks  . Wireless networks ease the connectivity within the organization and increase the flexibility of working for the employees. This also increases the security risk associated with the wireless network which serve as a potential attack surface.

CyberSmithSECURE Wireless security assessment helps identify vulnerabilities and security risks in the wireless network. Our Security Consultants test for different vulnerabilities and perform different test cases to identify vulnerabilities in the wireless network. These vulnerabilities can be induced because of misconfigured wireless access point, vulnerabilities in the Wireless Access point’s firmware or the encryption and authentication methods for example WPA or WPA2.

Malicious intruders are constantly probing networks for access points for misconfiguration, vulnerabilities, and weak security controls to compromise network defenses. The growth in the use of remote access to networks through wireless technologies has opened the floodgates to would-be intruders and has increased risk to organizations. Valiant has extensive experience helping clients identify access points and rogue devices, analyze their security configurations, test for vulnerabilities, and implement security policies that minimize this risk